And the award goes to …..

“Most likely to develop narcolepsy (if he hasn’t already)” – Adam :)
The “So down with his homies” award goes to Jack :)
The First shall be last and the Last shall be first award goes to Robyn & Jess (but only after she finds the stone in her shoe. After she finds her shoe….)
The Three Stooges Honorarium…
The Nobody told me I needed a rain coat award goes to Jak. He is also the recipient of a special award of this tastefully broken umbrella.
The “who loves ya baby” poseur award goes to no muss no fuss Gus :)
Er, the “who can I walk into backwards now” award goes to Alistair after his week’s tally reached a dozen (including a teacher, wheelchair user, cyclist, …)
The Barbie & Ken Award goes to Rachel & Liam
Arnav is hell bent on showing his crew just how pole dancing should be done!
Jai – the King of Bling
Harry has earned himself a free membership to the Ann Summers Appreciation Society…
Our incredible girls.
For whom the bell tolls
The B-Team
Mother Hen Amba
Most likely to become a professional photographer.
The ‘fussy vegetarian’ award
The A-Team – We love it when a plan comes together