Walking fun

1936 Olympic Stadium, Berlin – the Nazi Olympics.

Inside the stadium where Jesse Owens (USA) threw down the gauntlet against Nazi racial theory by becoming the first track and field athlete to win 4 gold medals, a feat not repeated until 1984.

Since 1945 it has been illegal in Germany to display the Nazi swastika or give the Heil Hitler salute. Hence, the symbol on the Olympic bell has been partially concealed.

Today the Olympic swimming pool is open to the public so they too can enjoy the sun.
This memorial commemorates the German parliamentarians who were victims of Nazi persecution between 1933 and 1945.

One of the last remaining segments of the Berlin Wall can be found next to the ruins of the Gestapo’s HQ on Wilhelmstrasse.

This memorial commemorates the burning of books by the Nazis in 1933 in front of the Humboldt University. As Heinrich Heine predicted in 1820: “It is a small step from burning books to burning people.”
The Reichstag – burned down in 1933, restored – along with a new dome designed by British architect Norman Foster – since Reunification after 1990.
Berlin landmark the Brandenburg Gate.